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SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP, YOU 'ORRIBLE LOT! YOU ARE ABOUT TO HAVE THE NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE! Your headmistress has spoken! Remember those days that you were always told were the best days of your life, the thing is, they probably were! Developed on request from our hundreds of regular customers and only available from STARFIRE ENTERTAINMENTS , the "MOONSHINE BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT" is a must for any Mess or Club. DJ / Presenter Sue Boston is BA (G)'s top lady DJ and is known far and wide as one of the best in the business. This show is five solid hours of mayhem as Sue takes you back to your youth. A manic mixture of games, prizes and the very best music that you will ever hear the "MOONSHINE BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT" is one our most popular shows . Depending on the night and the audience the show can feature games such as Musical Chairs, Egg and Spoon Races, Wheelbarrows, Three- Legged Race, Exams, Team Hula Hoops, the Sack Race, Marble Olympics and many, many more. Organised as an inter house (Sqn, Bty, Coy, Trp) competition we supply a trophy to the winning House.


NEW!, NEW!, NEW! Now exclusively available from us is the summer version of this incredibly popular show. Versatility at its very best! If you have a garden or field outside your Mess or Club, split the show into two and have the Sports Day outside followed by the School Disco inside. Great for those warm summer nights and ideally suited to any type of Club or Mess.


With Sue's vast collection of Music she is almost guaranteed to have the tracks that you danced to at the school Disco's that bring back all those memories of what you did behind the bike sheds after the Disco had finished! The "MOONSHINE BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT" comes completely self-contained with all the equipment and prizes needed for a really fantastic night. Available throughout 2007 for only Euro's 1200.00!


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