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Text Box:  Crazy, witty and insane are just a few words to describe this first rate Comedy Duo. LOONY TOONS are the unlikely combination of Pete the Feet and Andy, two completely different characters who make a show which is totally their own. Pete has learnt his trade over more years than he cares to remember. Starting at the dawn of time singing and playing lead guitar with the chart-topping band, WHITE PLAINS through to fronting the incredibly popular CHUCKLES FUN FACTORY who toured Germany extensively throughout the 90's to such a decree they had their own fan club!! On the demise of the Factory, Pete then moved as front guy with the ITSY BITSY BAND . Today he can be found with the musical wizardry and fantastic vocals of Andy and together they are LOONY TOONS . With quick wit, impressions, costume changes, sketches and excellent music LOONY TOONS have produced a show which is second to none, a fast flowing cabaret act which will surprise and delight audiences from start to finish.