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Donatella Wins!Unique and exclusive to STARFIRE, we proudly present a first in Europe. The fabulous “NINJA TURTLES” are the latest in a string of brand new and exclusive attractions from the Forces Favourite Agency. Remember the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES that were the cult “must watch” program of the eighties and early nineties. Our latest attraction is based on this cult TV series and the recent smash hit film of the same name. “NINJA TURTLES” feature members of your club or Mess dressed in adult size suits representing Leonardo and Raphael, (two of the cartoon heroes) competing with each other to remove their opponent from the wobbly tLet Battle Commenceower. The suits are heavily padded and the towers surrounded by a large inflatable bed, which makes for great, but safe, fun. Ideal for Games Night packages, open days or family barbecues “NINJA TURTLES” are destined to be the latest and greatest of our unique and exclusive attractions. “NINJA TURTLES” also feature in our brand new version of the “MOONSHINE BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT”.